While we get things cleaned up and sorted on the site, adding all our old stuff, to get ready for the new..

We’re also going to be starting a Patreon:

So, instead of paying a monthly fee to see uncensored pages and having free censored pages like on our old site, we’re actually going to release all of Tengu uncensored for free.. (All previously finished pages of Issues 1-4 are already available in the gallery right now. Check them out!) but if you support us through Patreon, you will get to see all new content early, and get additional perks.

Patreon will allow us to get paid for our time, so we can keep making content, as well as allow our audience to pay what they want, with more flexibility. (We’re on a “Per Creation” model instead of a Monthly payment, so if we don’t make content, we don’t get paid.) And best of all, it allows us to interact more directly with our audience than we could previously, so we can create the kinds of content that you want to see.

Patrons will get to see gallery images and all other progress/concept sketches/illustrations/etc. a week or more before they are posted to the public website. We plan to have some exclusive Patreon-only content, and will let Patrons suggest and vote on some of our projects. Animations, games, other comics, and more are all on the “To Do” list. There will also be fun exclusive swag for Patrons – Like prints, pins, stickers, etc. A lot of it is still up in the air because we are going to let our Patrons help direct what we will make.